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About Us

Since 2004, MARMATEK has been offering innovative and efficient solutions to Turkey’s leading firms and universities for their challenging test and measurement needs during R&D and quality process by means of its qualified experts and wide application experience.

Since the first day we start our business, we’ve been primarily focusing on our customers and their successes. We are quite aware of that every test application starts with big question marks in the head and the success is realized by the detailed and meticulous team work.

We take control over our customers’ challenging problems and try to establish a best solution with the help of our wide experience that we have built after numerous successful applications we completed. The root of our firm is based on team work. Every Marmatek employee, either from administration or sales & support, focuses on one single target: Creating a value for every single customer.

Marmatek is operating in a field where continuous improvement is quite vital. New products, new standards and new challenges to overcome… To cover all these points and strengthen our abilities, we follow related international fairs regularly and attend domestic expertise seminars. Also we keep our employees’ skills sharp by taking regular trainings from our business partners.

Marmatek accepts to comply with the terms picked and believed by itself from the very beginning. Liability and honesty are our first two fundamental principles. Marmatek ensures the top level support its customers’ quality and R&D process needs and all-out-effort to provide success to their work. All our employees, who have self-confidence to take initiative in the fast-paced modern business life and give the rightest decision possible, accept to develop and deliver the most effective and rightest test and measurement engineering approach to the customers as their personal responsibility.

The cooperation with our customers starts mostly after the sales is closed. As the test projects and quality improvements require long time to be implemented, we employ our self-proven support and education program in the phase of commissioning and first-run. Our remote-access support via computer and telephone is free-of-charge. If needed, we can plan a work-flow program thru your current working project and present our education result-oriented wise with our so-called hands-on trainings. We’ll be watching over our customers’ progress till they become experienced enough to solve their problems regarding our products on their own.

Technological Infrastructure

Marmatek owns at least one set from all data acquisition units that are sold. With this approach, we can set up the same system to solve the challenging needs which our customers face at the field or laboratory and present a fast and effective support.

In addition to our hardware stock, Marmatek owns the developer licences of the software like SolidWorks, imc Famos and LabVIEW which every test engineer may need during the process. Also a wide range of sensor inventory is ready for any inquiries. Our technical stuff can present a solution demo by choosing from this wide hardware and software inventory whenever the customer has time limit and needs technical assistance. If the customer requires long-term use of a configuration from our inventory, we can rent the equipment along with a qualified expert’s supervision.

Marmatek offers engineering data analysis service when a customer asks for it. Please contact us to get detailed information about our product portfolio. With a core expert unit, Marmatek derives benefit from every aspect of information technologies to offer the most effective and efficient services to our domestic customers. Marmatek is a Microsoft business partner and along with this partnership, guarantees the most optimum terms with non-interrupted process management from the quotation to the delivery phases with the help of integrated ERP and CRM systems to the customers. The customer inquiries are replied on this system as well.


Marmatek Engineering, offering product sales, application and measurement services in test and measurement engineering field, has been following ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System procedures since 2014.

By embracing the Quality Management System as a strategic approach to its businesses, Marmatek Engineering targets the unlimited customer satisfaction while following the ISO 9001 standards without any questioning.

Our firm works in compliance with the customer conditions during every phase of the every business we serve from quoting to delivery, organizational policies and continuous improvement principle.

Please click for our ISO 9001 quality certificate.

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Career Opportunities

Marmatek is calling out for young and talented engineer candidates who want to improve themselves in the field of test and measurement engineering and choose this exciting and interdisciplinary job as a future career. If you are currently on the senior year of bachelor’s or pursuing master’s degree, you can work at Marmatek as a part-time employee. You can improve your knowledge in the office environment where you can touch every technological offerings of Marmatek and moreover, you can complete your dissertations while focusing on application fields such as sensors, transducers, testing, measurement and data acquisition. We can sit and talk if you like the idea of working together!

Please send your resume to

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Istanbul HQ Location (Map)

Sanayi Mah. Teknopark Istanbul. No:1-2C-2210
34906 Pendik, Istanbul / Turkiye
Telephone: +90 (216) 367 1020
Fax: +90 (216) 367 1019

Ankara Branch Location (Map)

Armada Is Merkezi, Eskisehir Yolu No:6 Kat:14
06520 Sogutozu, Ankara / Turkiye
Telephone: +90 (312)  295 6494
Fax: +90 (312) 295 6494

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Istanbul HQ Location

Ankara Branch Location


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